Monday, October 24, 2011

The beginning

I've known this for quite some time and have only made feeble attempts at it, but I really need to lose some weight.

The minimum would be 10 pounds but ideally I should lose 20 pounds (goal is 135#). So I'm going to journal what I eat and do (including sleeping habits) and make it public. I am actually going to post my weight at the start of each week. So here it goes!

I'll take suggestions as to what I should change. Dave suggests lots of small meals every 2 hrs - and nothing after 2 PM! I know the no eating after 2 PM will not work for me. I'll be much too hungry in the evening and so hungry in the morning that I'll feel sick! Jessi & Dave suggests lots of fruits (I know I have to work on this) and vegetables, some protein, and cut back on the carbs. And yeah - minimizing sweets and alcohol. Of course working out consistently is needed for this to work.

Not sure how often I'll post updates. Every day? Or at the end of each week?

Today starts the weight loss. Beginning weight: 154#; Height: 5' 4"; BMI: 26.4 (that puts me in the overweight category). Will post a picture soon from yesterday's marathon.

Start of Delaware-Lehigh Heritage Marathon in Northampton PA, with Dave, Jessi, and Ron. I'm wearing #37.
Finishing last in the marathon in 5 hrs 24.5 min.

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