Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30 Day Weight Loss!

Signed up for a 30 Day Weight Loss support group shepherded by Miranda Zukowski. The goal of course is to lose weight but do so in a healthy way. We've been sent Excel spreadsheets already organized to help us track our food and exercise and there's a private Facebook group. Of course each of us need to know where we started. That could be weight, measurements, or before pictures. So this is where I started on 6/23/14: 147.1#, hips - 37 3/4", waist - 29 3/4". And here's the before picture:

Not too bad but still need some work. I have pants that I still need to fit into! My ultimate goal is to get down to 135#. This is still not as low as I've been. Up until the last year of grad school I weighed 125#. 

Besides upping the exercise (I'm currently training for a tough 50 km race in August), I also need to focus on the diet - which really means less beer and snacks and eating more fruit! - as I've been pretty good with the diet having more vegetarian meals than I used to.  I think I'll post an update here in 2 weeks and of course the final results.

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