Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Importance of sleep for weight loss

From Everyday Health: Link between Sleep and Weight.

I think there is certainly some validity in what is stated in this article. I know that when I'm not sleeping as much as I need to, or not sleeping well (falling asleep on the couch first and then going to bed for as little as another hour of sleep), that I have no energy to work-out. And when I have a lot to do when I'm sleep deprived, I tend to eat more - like a cafe mocha and dessert from Starbuck's! The added calories always give me an energy boost to get through the day. And since I haven't worked out, all those extra calories are doing is going right to my fat stores - which I need to get rid of! It'll be interesting to see the results of the NIH study looking at whether getting a proper amount of sleep will help people lose weight.

This is why I have made one aspect of my weight loss program is to get enough and proper sleep. I know that I have not been as diligent as I need to about this. Which is weird since I always feel better when I do get to bed at a reasonable hour.

This week, my workouts won't be as consistent. I started not feeling well on Monday evening. Probably due to burning the candles at both ends. Saturday morning I ran a 25 km trail race on Staten Island in 3 hrs 32 min (and placed 3rd in my age group!) and then drove out to Parsippany to run with my group (ran a total of 19 miles on Saturday!!) and attend our holiday party. I didn't get home until after 1 AM that night! Then friends were over for pizza and beer on Sunday. But luckily I'm starting to feel better and hopefully will get a run in by Friday and perhaps go to the gym or do some yoga on Thursday. I'll probably need some sort of stress release. I have a ton of grading to do!

Here's another link that may be of interest to everyone. Exercise!!! is the single best thing you can do for your health:

The diet the previous Monday-Friday was also pretty good as well. Dinner of fish and veggies and no beer during the week. Going to keep doing that as it seems to help me make up for my horrible diet during the weekends.

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