Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5% weight loss?

I've been watching The Biggest Loser pretty much since the first season. I find the effort of these very large people, many of whom have never worked out, pretty inspiring. A few of my friends don't understand why I watch the show as they don't think I need to lose any weight. However, at my current weight my BMI is 25.8, which puts me in the Overweight category. I'm pretty close to the Normal category - I just need to lose 5.6 pounds.

But back to The Biggest Loser. This past week, the contestants were sent home for 18 days and if they lost 5% of their weight while at home they would win immunity from elimination. So that is my goal - lose 5% in 18 days. That is 7.5 pounds by March 24. But it'll really have to be in 17 days as I'll be at the NJ Ultrafest running a 50 km race on the 24th.

This means I really have to be more focused with the diet and the exercise. Both have been pretty good and it has gotten me closer to my first goal. But some days are better than others.

Heading out for a 3 mile run. I really need to run longer but I have a lecture to finish prepping and an exam to write!